Webers Holland started in 1995 as a shop dedicated to the unique collections of Dutch fashion designer Desiree Webers. It’s located in the 300 year old monument Klein Trippenhuis on the edge of the red-light district in the old center of Amsterdam. Webers Holland has become world-famous because of it’s original mix of styles and eclectic taste: avant-garde fashion next to fetish, burlesque, gothic, lingerie, club and party wear. That’s why it attracts a great variety of people: strippers, artists, dancers, next to fashionistas, tourists and housewives. And many more.


Desiree Webers

Desiree Webers designs in almost every material available: from leather, pvc, neoprene and fur to lycra, mesh and lace. Her style is always sexy and body-conscious, humorous and full of technical and functional innovations. She considers clothing in the first place as means of (non-verbal) communication. And isn’t sex and eroticism the most basic human drive we want to share with others? Preferably not in a cheap and seedy way, but original and stylish, with fun and humour. No wonder trendsetters and party people from all over the world love her designs. She always remained an independent designer, never sold out to the mainstream and mass-market. All her designs are produced by herself in her own studio, just around the corner of the shop. She only produces small scale limited editions which come out many times a year. Available at Webers Holland and a small selection of shops in Holland and abroad.

Local Designers

Webers Holland always had room for local designers, both starting and established. At this moment there are collections of:

  • Bizonder: refined feminine leather sets with bold metal details by Bianca
  • Breathcatchers: superbly crafted classic corsets and accessories in leather and fabric by Guillaume
  • Daisy Lee Accessories: pasties in many colors and shapes by Ian
  • Pink One: clothing and accessories with a baroque frivolous touch by Irina

Shoes and boots

For years Webers Holland imports platform and stiletto heels from the US with brands like Tony Shoes, Karo Shoes, Pleaser, Bordello en Demonia. There is no other shop in Amsterdam with such an extended collection high heels. The American shoes and boots go very well with the local clothing lines as can be seen in the galleries.

One Stop Shopping

The result is a one-of-a-kind shop, unique in the world, yet easy accessible through it’s lack of high-street pretensions and very reasonable prices. Customers range from schoolgirls to actresses and popstars, housewives to strippers and prostitutes. There’s also a small men’s collection.
Despite it’s small size, the shop offers a one stop shopping experience: your can buy your special outfits, your sexy lingerie and your funky boots and shoes at Webers Holland.